About Us

Les Trois Jardins Sarlat

We sold up and moved to Sarlat 6 years ago which was huge learning curve but we love it here.

From a young age, I always loved everything French, so chic…… and felt that I would eventually come to live here.  Despite learning French at school I found that this was not of  much help to me when I first arrived, even though 22 years working as a Purser for British Airways afforded me the opportunity for some practice.   I’m by no means fluent, but its a work in progress!

My other half Steve had already lived a short while in France before we moved here together to beautiful, medieval Sarlat.  His various careers in the Merchant Navy, Research Engineering and Politics gave him some skills that helped us when we started thinking about turning our new French home into a Chambres d’hôte, which is French for  Bed and Breakfast.   He’s luckily very handy with a hammer and drill!

Our new home, surrounded by its three gardens – hence the name Les Trois Jardins – needed extensive renovations. We started with a new roof, and worked our way down through the villa floor by floor until we had finished our lovely “Maison Bourgeois”.  Outside we added terraces for open air dining, eye-catching plants and other elements to the gardens. We think that having a glass of wine with good company in lovely surroundings such as our Koi Pond garden area,  is the perfect end to a busy day.

We hope to have made a haven of peace for our children and grandchildren to visit as well as our guests from all over the world, which keeps us on our toes!

During our time here we have gradually adopted our adorable helpers, three Spanish rescue dogs called Poppy, Rosie and the latest, and possibly the cutest, little Lily !

      — Jo