About Us

Marie-Hélène and Alexandre both felt in love with Périgord region during summer vacation with their children.

They decided to acquire a house there in 2021 in order to enjoy nice weather, good food, and culture and architecture of the city of Sarlat.

When they are not working, Marie-Hélène and Alexandre like travelling (before COVID!), practicing mediation, cooking, baking and walking.

Their new home, surrounded by its three gardens – hence the name Les Trois Jardins – used to be available for seasonal rent since more than 10 years (Thank you Jo!).

This house as an history has it used to be the house of the Delpeyrat family, very well known in the region for their business in “foie gras” and also because two of the family members became mayors of Sarlat. The architecture of the mansion is typical from 19th century in France.

Ideally situated at a walking distance from the old city of Sarlat, the house is very quiet and overhangs the East part of Sarlat.

Enjoy your stay in Sarlat!